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The village of Chaddleworth lies below the southern slopes of the Berkshire Downs, just east of the A338 road, which runs between Hungerford and Wantage to form the western parish boundary. The south-east corner of the village is called Nodmore and the hamlet of Southend sits only a mile to the north-east. In the north of the parish is Woolley and in the south is Poughley, both barely hamlets now. Woolley Down rises above the former. The parish mostly consists of farmland, with some scattered woodland such as Nine Acre Wood, Spray Wood, Down Copse, Rooksnest Copse and Bassdown Copse. The West Berkshire Golf Course, on Buckham Hill, and the northern edge of RAF Welford are in Poughley.



The Parish Council nominated Joe Mills for the WBC Champion Awards for the Big Thank you! They had over 100 nominations and the Parish Council is pleased to announce that Joe was chosen as one of the amazing people that Chaddleworth are very lucky to have.

Joe Mills was presented with a certificate from West Berkshire Council. The Parish Council is sure the village will join the Parish Council in commending Joe in a celebration of all his hard work, when we are allowed to meet face to face once again!

Joe does get a mention from WBC during this recording. It is at the very end, so if you don’t want to listen to all the awards, please forward to…..8 mins. Community Champion Awards 2020 – YouTube

Joe Mills – nominated by The Parish Council:  “From a very young age, Joe has always been a great help to those less fortunate in the village of Chaddleworth. He has served on the Parish Council for 38 years – our longest serving Councillor. Joe was one of the founder members of the Cricket Club. His greatest strength is getting together teams in the village to do community work. It is because he is so well thought of that no one has the nerve to say no! He looks after the cricket ground almost entirely on his own – mowing the grass, marking out the pitches and carrying out all the maintenance. He is also the main gardener at the Memorial Garden and, last year, planted 52 roses in the garden. Joe also helps at fetes and barbeques and any other village events. He is truly irreplaceable and we think after all his years (75) of living in this village community, he deserves our gratitude – so we have put him forward for the ‘Big Thank You’ award.”

West Berkshire Council – Community Champion Awards 2020 – The results are in! – Information


If you are self-isolating and need help with shopping, prescription collections, or even a chat on the telephone. Please contact Nikkie MacNamara on 0753391831 or the Clerk, Kim Lloyd on 07867 310121 or email  All residents are encouraged to identify potentially vulnerable neighbours.  Residents that are willing to join the support network for anyone self-isolating are asked to contact Nikkie or Kim.

The Chaddleworth community is working to develop a trusted local support network and to be wary of unsolicited approaches from other unknown individuals or organisations. 

 Covid-19 Support Group Network “During the current coronavirus pandemic, the parish council and volunteer groups will also use personal data of vulnerable and at risk individuals which has been supplied by them, or by their relatives, to ensure that they are fully supported during the current crisis. The information held will be used for this purpose alone and will be deleted once the pandemic is at an end. Individuals contacting the parish council for assistance through this scheme will be considered to have given consent for their data to be used for this purpose.”


This charity was enacted in 1813 to provide fuel and ‘necessaries’ for the people of Chaddleworth Parish. This charity has now been updated to become the Chaddleworth Hardship Fund.

 The Trustees of this fund (the Parish Council) would like to help the village during this unprecedented pandemic. If you find yourself in financial difficulties for the foreseeable future please apply to the Parish Clerk by email to the Trustees will look at your application (in strictest confidence) and may award you a loan or other financial help.


The three named benefactors set up the Trust to offer financial help to further the educational needs of the children and students (up to the age of 25) of the Parish of Chaddleworth. The Trustees meet four times a year to consider applications including any relating to the additional cost of home-schooling and remote study for students.  Previous contributions have been made towards the cost of school uniforms, books for university courses, specific equipment and kit for courses, and residential courses. If you wish to apply for funds please contact the Foundation’s Clerk, Heather Murphy, Tower Hill Cottage, Botmoor Way, Chaddleworth RG20 7EU or email for an application form. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence.  Any applications received after scheduled meetings will still be considered for awards by the Trustees but there may be a delay before awards are made.

Heather Murphy

Clerk, Saunders Wynn and Coventry Educational Foundation

01488 638628 




The Downland Volunteer Group runs a 12-seater mini-bus service supporting the Downland villages. It offers a door to door service for shopping trips and other club events with regular trips each week that are delivered by popular demand. The trip that runs to Chaddleworth is in danger of being withdrawn at the present time because of dwindling passenger numbers. If you know of anyone who may benefit from using the service then please pass on the details and we will be glad to try and accommodate them.

If passengers require help with shopping on and off of the bus the driver will be happy to oblige.

The details are as follows:

Route:  Peasemore, Leckhamstead, Chaddleworh Brightwalton (as needed)
When:  Friday Afternoons (Fortnightly)
Time:  Sets off 1:30pm arriving Chaddleworth 2:00pm (Approx)
Destination: Sainsburys in Wantage (1 hour approx. to shop)
Cost:  £3.00 Return Fare
Booking: Contact Dave Morris 01635 578149

The volunteer group is always looking for new volunteer drivers for the Handy Bus as well. If you or somebody you know could spare a few hours occasionally to drive one of the regular routes then please contact Dave Morris whose details are listed above.


Chaddleworth has a defibrillator installed in the telephone box opposite the Ibex Inn.  If you come across someone who has had a cardiac arrest, its vital to call 999 and start CPR. They will give you the code to the cabinet where you will find the defibrillator. You shouldn’t be afraid of using a defibrillator as anyone can use them in an emergency by following clear spoken instructions, you don’t need training to use one.  Lets hope we don’t have to use it ,but its a reassurance to know the Village has one.  Any questions or technical matters concerning the defibrillator, please contact the Parish Clerk.



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